Security Policy

This policy applies onboard and ashore.

We are committed to establishing and implementing security measures, regularly revised to satisfy the:

  • ISPS Code – parts Α&Β
  • Flag State
  • Other national and international requirements

We achieve our compliance by:

  • Appointing persons responsible for implementing our security procedures onboard:
  • Company Security Officer (CSO)
  • Deputy CSO
  • Providing CSO with sufficient resources to fulfill these duties and responsibilities
  • Appointing a management level officer onboard each vessel as the Ship Security Officer (SSO)
  • Providing full senior management support to the SSO, to successfully fulfill these duties
  • Promoting security awareness and compliance among all employees
  • Ensuring the protection of crew, vessel and her cargo from threats by providing:
  • Adequate information
  • Guidance
  • Training
  • Resources
  • Protection equipment
  • Establishing security response procedures and incorporating them to the Ship Security Plans