On 16 & 17 of March 2023 , STI ALEXIS and STI GALLANTRY crew celebrated a magnificent 5 years LTI injury free workplace.

Approaching safety, one job at a time, one day at a time and through consistent planning, communication, effort and diligence achieved an impressive 1866 recordable LTI free days!

This momentous achievement is the culmination of years of effort by all crew onboard that drive a positive safety culture.

We remain committed to Goal Zero, living our values and building a strong safety culture.

Vessels awarded as of today:

STI Sloane (06/11/2019)

STI Battery (24/11/2019)

STI Rose (04/01/2020)

STI Gramercy (13/01/2020)

STI Bronx (09/02/2020)

STI Oxford (07/04/2020)

STI Connaught(02/05/2020)

STI Seneca(10/06/2020)

STI Brooklyn(11/07/2020)

STI Broadway (13/03/2021)

STI Mayfair (12/06/2022)

STI Manhattan (19/09/2022)

STI Alexis ( 16/03/2023)

STI Gallantry (17/03/2023)

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