We operate to the highest quality standards. We provide professional, cost effective ship management service to:

  • Meet the agreed requirements of our customers
  • Fulfill our responsibilities to:
    • Our employees
    • The environment
    • The public at large

The Senior management is committed and strives for quality excellence by:

  • Assigning responsibilities and authorities
  • Establishing and implementing our Management System (MS)
  • Ensuring our MS is updated and satisfies the requirements of:
    • IMO
    • ISM Code
    • ISO 9001
    • lntern ationallegislation
  • Meeting customer expectations as defined in charter parties and management agreements
  • lnvesting on long term customer re lations
  • Ensuring our customer relations are based on:
    • Trust
    • Mutual concern for society’s welfare and development
  • Ensuring timely and in-depth process and resolution of any customer complaints
  • Coordinating the identification of representative clients and their valued opinion
  • Developing and implementing documented and cont rolled processes
  • lmproving continuously our MS and operational responsiveness
  • Providing a framework for setting, reviewing and improving reasonable and measurable:
    • Quality objectives
    • Performance targets
  • Developing employee quality orient ation through effective training
  • Ensuring that all the responsibilities for the seafa rers’ recruiting are conducted:
    • ln compliance with MLC 2006
    • τime ly and efficiently
  • Providing the seafarers, a safe working environment free of HSE hazards

The Senior Management through the appointed Management Representative ensure this policy is:

  • Assessed and evaluated continuously for its suitability and use
  • Communicated and understood by employees onboard and ashore
  • Available to relevant interested parties, as appropriate

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