We believe that the mental health and wellbeing of our employees is key to our organizational success and sustainability.

The main objectives of this policy are to ensure that the leaders and staff, onboard and ashore:

  • Promote and maintain the wellbeing, as key component of managing the human element and performance
  • Are equipped with the leadership, equipment, knowledge, skills and commitment to perform at the highest levels essential for efficient and effective operations
  • Are motivated and empowered to promote safety, security, the protection of the environment and continuously improve the quality of the provided services

Our commitment is to build and maintain a workplace environment and culture, where employees:

  • Can fulfill their potential and our organization can fulfil its purpose
  • Collaborate as a team, communicate effectively and disagreements are resolved productively
  • Are satisfied thus more productive, committed and creative to produce higher quality work

As part of this commitment, we have established the Resilience and Wellbeing Working Group (WG). This WG:

  • Is represented by:
    • The Managing Director and personnel from various levels and departments
    • Field experts, including our Wellbeing Officer (Ombudsman) and our Company Psychologist
    • The Mental Wellbeing Ambassadors (MWA)
  • Coordinates various wellbeing activities with target to support work motivation based on human needs hierarchy, in excess to the mandatory requirements, and covering:
    • Basic needs; including Physiological and Safety, like:
      • Family Health Care coverage for crew & Private Health Care coverage for shore employees
      • Set-up of half-days off during stressful periods onboard
      • Food catering at the office
    • Psychological needs; including Belonginess and Esteem, like:
      • Ombudsman and Company Psychologist, with 24-hour online service for our seafarers
      • Free internet onboard
      • ISWAN’s 24-hour Seafarer Helpline and pilot social interaction projects’ participation
      • Mission to Seafarers’ “Seafarer Happiness Index” contribution
      • Posters and DPA updates, promoting Wellbeing & Inclusion awareness and our Open Reporting platform onboard and ashore
      • Wellbeing and Resilience training program
      • Visible leadership during Senior Management visits onboard
      • ‘Buddies’ support team for shore employees
      • Recognition bonus, retention & award schemes
    • Self-fulfillment needs; including Self-actualization and Creativity, like:
      • Career opportunities to people that deal with mental health issues
      • Opportunities to grow within the company

We encourage all employees to support:

  • Our goal of providing a mentally healthy and supportive environment for all
  • Fellow employees in their awareness of this policy

Captain George Vasilakis

Managing Director

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