Security Policy

This Security Policy applies to Company’s Office and managed vessels.

The Company is committed to establishing and implementing security measures that are regularly revised to satisfy the requirements of the ISPS code parts A & B, Flag State and other national and international requirements.  This shall be achieved by:

  • The appointment of Company Security Officers (CSO) and Deputy CSOs as required, who are charged with implementing the Company’s Security Procedures within the managed Fleet. The CSO shall be provided with sufficient resources to successfully fulfill their duties and responsibilities.
  • The appointment of a management level officer on each Company managed vessel to serve as the Ship Security Officer (SSO) and to provide this position with the full support of senior management to successfully fulfill these duties.
  • Promoting Security Awareness and compliance among all employees.
  • Providing all offices and vessels with adequate information, guidance, training, resources and equipment for the protection of the crew, vessel and cargo relative to specific threats.
  • Establishing security response procedures and incorporating same into individual Ship Security Plans.
  • Establishing a reporting and documenting procedure for all security matters.


  • SBI Vessels Transfer of Management

    Pleased to announce that the Technical Management of 26 SBI vessels (list contained inside) has been transferred from “Optimum Ship Services Ltd.” to “Optimum Marine Management Ltd.” effective from 1st January 2017.

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