Quality Policy

The Company operates to the highest quality standards by providing a professional ship management service in a cost-effective manner, in order to meet the agreed requirements of its customers as well as fulfill its responsibilities towards its employees, the environment and the public at large.

Senior management is committed to establish and implement a Management System for the offices and the vessels that is adequately maintained and that continuously satisfies the requirements of IMO ISM Code & ILO MLC 2006, as applicable, and all other statutory requirements and international legislation.

Additionally, senior management will strive for quality excellence through:

  • Meeting customer expectations as defined in charter-parties and management agreements;
  • Investing in long-term customer relations based on trust and mutual concern over society’s welfare and development;
  • Ensuring the timely and in-depth processing and resolving of any customer complaints;
  • Coordinating the identification of representative clients and their valued opinion;
  • Developing and implementing documented and controlled processes;
  • Improving continuously its Management System and operational responsiveness;
  • Establishing and pursuing reasonable and measurable objectives and performance targets;
  • Developing employee quality orientation through effective training;
  • Ensuring that all the responsibilities for recruiting and placing seafarers onboard vessels is conducted in conformance with the MLC 2006 and that they are timely and efficiently satisfied to the extent that is determined by the Company. Seafarers shall be provided with a safe working environment, free of HSE hazards.

The Senior Management of the Company through the appointed Management Representative ensures that the Quality Policy is communicated and understood by all employees, both ashore and at sea.

The Senior Management will also continually assess the Quality Policy to evaluate its suitability and use.


  • SBI Vessels Transfer of Management

    Pleased to announce that the Technical Management of 26 SBI vessels (list contained inside) has been transferred from “Optimum Ship Services Ltd.” to “Optimum Marine Management Ltd.” effective from 1st January 2017.

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