Optimum Ship Services is committed to conducting business with the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.Active and fair responsibly are important factors in achieving long-term business success. We strive to achieve our long-term goals and, therefore, always maintain the highest standards of safety, integrity and environmental respect. Thus, we expect our employees to adhere these core values and safeguard the reputation of Optimum Ship Services.The company’s Hotline system encourages and enables all external parties to report immediately any questionable actions or activities that may involve inappropriate behaviour, criminal conduct or violations of our company policies and guidelines by our employees around the world.

As the ethical and professional conduct of our business is of utmost importance to us, members of the public who become aware of, or suspect breaches of, our internal policies or illegal actions by any employee of the company are hereby encouraged to report their concerns through the Optimum Ship Services hotline.

The Hotline report system is strictly confidential and should you wish to remain anonymous you may do so. The hotline is managed directly by our company’s Senior Management, who are carefully handle these reports.

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